Summersville Arena and Conference Center
3 Armory Way, Summersville, WV
The inaugural Southern Syrup Research Symposium will bring researchers and producers together to share knowledge and discuss research needs and opportunities related to syrup production in the Central Appalachian Region. Whether you fire up your evaporator to make Maple, Walnut, Birch, Sycamore or Sorghum syrup, the Symposium offers the chance to interact and share your experiences with other producers and learn about syrup making specific to this region.


The Science Behind the Sweetness

What does the research say? What does it mean to your business? On Friday, the Symposium will feature presentations of research papers trying to answer those questions. It’s a time to learn what’s new in the maple industry and to interact with those generating the knowledge that moves our industry forward.

A West Virginia Welcome

We always want to remember that one of the main reasons we like making maple syrup is because it’s fun. So, let’s have some fun and welcome all our Symposium participants to “A West Virginia Welcome” mixer with refreshment and live music on Friday. Bring your dancing shoes, and your partner; or maybe it would be more fun to just find one there…

Vendor Fair (Friday / Saturday)

Maple equipment manufacturers and dealers are being invited to show their wares in a vendor fair. This is a way for producers to make connections with manufacturers and to learn of the new products and technological innovations in the industry. It’s also a good opportunity to arrange to obtain supplies for the coming season (without shipping charges).

Poster Session (Friday evening / Saturday)

Researchers, and especially students, are encouraged to share research findings, class projects, and activities related to maple syrup production in a Symposium long poster session with a grand opening during the Friday night welcome mixer.


Panel Discussions

On Saturday, all of the Symposium participants (producers, vendors and researchers) will be working together to focus attention on key areas for improvement related to sap flow and syrup production in Central Appalachia. Led by experts in their field, Symposium participants will have the opportunity to participate in concurrent panel discussions on: Sanitation, Agroforestry, Entrepreneurship and Marketing, Other evaporator uses: including Sweet Sorghum, Technological innovations, and Alternative Tree Syrups.

Producer Experiments and Experiences

Also on Saturday, there will be a special session where producers, large and small, are asked to present their “experiments” and experiences. The Symposium wants to hear from local producers. It’s an opportunity for those of you working in the woods and boiling at the evaporator to share how you are innovating, and how you are working with your environment to increase production. Small producer field experiments are often the precursors of the scientific research that moves our industry forward.